Orsola Boran, voice actor

Orsola Boran, voice actor

# H9SHV60Available from Jul 15, 10:00pmI bring a script to life with personality and a natural tone
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      I was still very young when I started to work for the Blind Italian Union, reading and recording many books. Than I started to work as journalist, speaker and newsreader for two local TV stations. There I also started to deal with advertising and recording studios. I felt the need to deepen and improve the skills of voice so I joined a Drama School and a Theatre Company. Very exciting and successful years, I won the Award as best supporting actress at a National Theatre Competition and increased my professional skills. Since than it begins a ralentlessly career that brings me to spread cooperation with many recording studios, working everyday as voice over on commercials, documentaries, e-learning, audiobooks, corporate videos, etc. My voice has a clean tone-color, warm and friendly but also cheerful and full of different shades that makes pleasant any audio production, both typical corporate and entertainment productions. I'm the official Italian voice of the Apple IVR system

      Orsola Boran's reviews

      4.7(57 reviews)
      Giulia Maregatti M. -
      "Ottimo lavoro! Bravissima e recettiva di tutte le correzioni. "
      Squash the I. -
      "Molto brava e veloce."
      Marketing & C. -
      "Ottimo come sempre."
      Lallemand Training S. -
      "It's perfect! Thank you!"
      Marketing & C. -
      "Sempre molto professionali e molto veloci."

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