Rachel Wingerd, voice actor

Rachel Wingerd, voice actor

# 32V6TDQOA warm, soothing voice to communicate fast and effectively.
4.8(92 reviews)
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      Hello, I am Rachel. My husband and I work out of a home audio studio. He is an experienced Audio Engineering and I am the storyteller. So, you are not just picking a voice, you are picking a team! I have been the voice to audiobooks as well as a large and growing amount of commercial voice-overs. I can't wait to collaborate with you on your projects!

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      4.8(92 reviews)
      Andrew S. -
      "Thank you so much! Just what we need. And the quick turnaround is much appreciated. :-)"
      Aidan P. -
      "Really appreciate the additional recordings that you put in to get the tone of this right. The final VO is spot on and is going down very well with the client - thank you!"
      Camilo H. -
      "fast, accurate, and great voice."
      Steven S. -
      "Great work! Thank you!"
      Kristen D. -
      "The growl/scream is perfect! Thank you!"

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