Rachel Wingerd, voice actor

Rachel Wingerd, voice actor

# 32V6TDQOAvailable from Jul 14, 9:00pmA warm, soothing voice to communicate fast and effectively.
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      Hello, I am Rachel. My husband and I work out of a home audio studio. He is an experienced Audio Engineering and I am the storyteller. So, you are not just picking a voice, you are picking a team! I have been the voice to audiobooks as well as a large and growing amount of commercial voice-overs. I can't wait to collaborate with you on your projects!

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      4.8(124 reviews)
      Christophe S. -
      "Many thanks Rachel to have re-recorded your work it's perfect now. Best regards."
      Grigori E. -
      "Great! "
      Grigori E. -
      "Amazing! "
      Strata M. -
      "THIS WAS AMAZING. Seriously. We LOVE it."
      Kristen D. -
      "Awesome job! Professional as usual."

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