Robert Taylor, voice actor

Robert Taylor, voice actor

# O4JUUMGAvailable from Mar 28 2025, 11:59pmDeep, warm, and firm in tone but not intimidating!
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      Having a history previously in audio engineering I was able to have a good base in editing to grow on. Most of my work is done through Reaper as a DAW. My MKH416 is my main microphone as well. For equipment itself, I have a dedicated DAW PC and full soundproofed, acoustically treated studio.

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      4.8(28 reviews)
      Ibrahim K. -
      "This work is completed at a very high standard."
      Magdalena S. -
      "Super happy! The work is great! Thank you!"
      Suzanne G. -
      "The contest option is great. We were having trouble finding a voice actor with the correct accent, so this allowed us to request it, and also hear a clip of how it would sound. We are very happy with the work and with the quick turnaround. We are definitely planning on using this voice actor again in the future."
      Wealthy C. -
      "Excellent Job. Thank you,"
      Sterling0 -

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