Rosko Lewis, voice actor

Rosko Lewis, voice actor

# 3OKAVNQCGood humoured, relaxed Brit and an enjoyable listen.
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      Hello, I'm Rosko Lewis, an experienced voiceover artist with a decade or so of VO under my belt. Based now in Cornwall but raised in the heart of Kent, England, a stone's throw from London, I've made a name for myself in the world of voiceovers. My natural accent is a blend of Kentish warmth with a hint of the lively London Estuary, but I'm versatile enough to swing it to the leafy RP home counties countryside or to the heart of the East End of London where my family history derives. With my own purpose built professional-grade home studio, I've been delivering remote audio and voiceover services to clients worldwide. I'm known for my conversational, natural, and none-too-stuffy approach to my work. If you're in need of a good dose of humour in your scripts, I've got you covered with well-timed wink to the listener; but I'm also quite the character specialist as I always enjoy letting out my inner actor when called upon. My journey in voiceovers has been enriched by collaborations with reputable clients like Honda, RedBull, Trek Bikes, Sungod Eyewear, and more. I'm here to elevate your business or brand with dynamic, professional audio that will thrill clients and captivate audiences. Let's make your message resonate and bring your voiceover needs to life.

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