SAORI NISHIHARA, voice actor

SAORI NISHIHARA, voice actor

# 2QO92PJKMore than 2,000 narrations in Japan. Gentle and heartfelt.
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      I started out as a commercial narrator. I love commercial narration, which required a lot of concentration. Since then, I have worked on over 2000 commercials, TV shows and corporate videos. I've also worked as a radio personality and voice actor for anime. My calm and steady narration has been used by NHK and other Japanese television stations, as well as various educational materials and corporate videos. As an expert in the Japanese language, I can provide updated narration that is more audible, understandable, friendly and correct. And I can handle a huge amount of manuscripts in a relatively short amount of time. I can deliver a voiceover, usually less than 20 minutes in length, within 24 hours. Graduated from Fukuoka Announcing College, Japanese Language Announcement Test Level 1, Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1. NHK's 3 Months Topic English, Sunday Forum, The Professional, Fuji TV's Mezanyu~ (live narration) , BS Nippon Television's Fascinating Indochina Trip , BS Asahi: World Heritage: China's most spectacular Jiuzhaigou , TV anime Lucky Star (played by Yui Narumi) CM: NTTDoCoMo, Toyota Motor Corporation, Ajinomoto, Shiseido, and many others.

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