Sato Sugar~さとシュガー, voice actor

Sato Sugar~さとシュガー, voice actor

# 1V7NRB6KShe has 6 awards of Japanese voice over ! Chameleon voice!
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      About Sato Sugar~さとシュガー

      Sato Sugar has 6 awards of Japanese voice over ! That's it! Chameleonvoice!! Also She has worked as an actor and announcer as well as a voice over artist for major television stations such as NHK, Fuji TV, NTV, and TV Asahi in Japan. In addition, she has won 6 Japanese voice acting awards! Her voice is known as a chameleon voice and it changes naturally depending on the role. Please enjoy the voice sample Good morning to you in 12 different roles. In actuality, her clients have been helped by her voice. In particular, health equipment that sells 1 million units in the United States, Ripstik is a surprise seller. She also teaches Japanese to be understood at a national university. With more than 20 years of experience, She has a good sense of what her clients are trying to convey, and sometimes advises them not only to express but also to make sure their words are appropriate. If you need these kinds of voices? Voluminous low, warm, authentic, congenial, sophisticated, smooth reliable, trustworthy, genuine, sophisticated, informative, confident, sincere, friendly, relaxing, natural, clear, and communicates well with the listeners, and clear Japanese voice, Sato-Sugar should be your choice.
 She is fluent in not only standard Japanese, but also the Tohoku language in the countryside, the Kyushu language, and of course the funny Osaka language. Would you like to work with Sato Sugar for a brighter future?

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