Seven Wagner, voice actor

Seven Wagner, voice actor

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      Seven Wagner- New Orleans, LA I’m guessing you need someone with little but excellent skills for your projects? Seven is a native New Orleanian who has found a passion for voiceover. He has 1 1⁄2 years of experience in voiceover work. But our favorite guy isn’t new to recording or producing. Over the years, he has gained experience by participating alongside many New Orleans artists by singing or embracing you with profound “quotes” with his melodious voice. While in training, practicing, and gathering proper equipment for voiceover work, Seven has had the opportunity to team up with some very impressive creative writers to help with any scripts that need attention. Seven is known as most people’s favorite guy and a delight to work alongside. He brings this humble yet energetic professional charisma to the workplace, which opens up all sorts of creative ideas and valuable time spent. Professionalism is offered from beginning to end of any aspect of your projects. Working in customer service has helped him discover one of his ultimate gifts. The beauty in his voice, that also comes along with his excellent listening skills. Seven prides himself in delivering your project effectively and efficiently. As Seven career continues elevating, he’ll keep you update on training and his most current demos. It’s always a great feeling hanging out with Seven Sounds, You better believe it!

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