Shiou-jen Shiue, voice actor

Shiou-jen Shiue, voice actor

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      I have over 20 years of experience recording voice overs for most every type of case. Radio/TV commercials, e-learning, IVR, product introduction, and Chinese language learning to name a few. I’m located in Taiwan and speak Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese Hokkien. My voice ranges from high and upbeat for radio/TV spots to calm, serious and professional for corporate e-learning modules. I believe my demos speak for themselves. I’ve recorded for international companies such as Intel, Western Union, Comcast, Google, China Airlines, Pfizer, Gucci, Qualcomm, Autodesk, Panasonic, UPS, VMWare, and VISA to name a few. I am reliable and offer a quality, professional product. I use only industry standard equipment and have spent quite a bit of money, sweat and tears to create a soundproof room within a room for producing noise-free recordings. I have chosen my primary recording chain to produce low-noise, clean recordings. Equipment listing: DAW: Steinberg Nuendo 10.3 Converter: Lynx Aurora Preamp: John Hardy M-1, Summit Audio 2ba-221 Compressor: Summit Audio TLA-50 Primary Microphone: Gefell M930 Secondary Microphone: Sennheiser MKH 416, Rode NT1-A, Neumann TLM102 Outboard EQ: SPL Model 9629 De-esser Monitor Controller: Dangerous Source Monitors: Yamaha HS5 Also on hand is a native English speaker American to help with English pronunciations and communications with you. You can rest assured that English words will be pronounced correctly and all communication to/from you will be completely understood. There will be no language barriers to cause problems. I can also record in English for very short cases. My accent is very American sounding. I dont have the typical asian-English accent thats sometimes needed for projects. However, my delivery certainly wont sound like a native English speakers. Maybe this is what you’re looking for.

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      4.8(12 reviews)
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      "Love the voice over! Thank you"
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