Syed Ali Raza, voice actor

Syed Ali Raza, voice actor

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      • Bunny Pro for 5 years

        Bunny Pro for 5 years

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      I have extensive experience making audio recordings using great equipment, such as a large diaphragm condenser NT-1 microphone in my own custom professional-quality studio. I am here to help you create the best possible audio files for your important projects. -Syed Raza

      Syed Ali Raza's reviews

      5(24 reviews)
      Duran R. -
      "Awesome job!"
      Chofo H. -
      "Thank you for all your effort. We really appreciate it and will have you in mind for future projects."
      Haseeb S. -
      "Great Voice!"
      OIM-San J. -
      "Excellent, thank you"
      OIM-San J. -
      "Very good, thank you!"

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