Valentine Zikki Kamau, voice actor

Valentine Zikki Kamau, voice actor

# 2RJDCIE0Clear voice with strong support and great enunciation, Valentine is a Voice Over Artist per excellence who continues to show consistency & professionalism in her work.
4.9(10 reviews)
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      Valentine Zikki is a Voice Over actor and musician with over ten years of experience in voice work. She is committed to executing her client's brief with great skill and flair, while exhibiting versatility and immense professionalism. However, it's the essence in her tone which captures the ear of her listener. Warm and clear tones, conversational, flexible, appropriate phrasing, natural articulateness are some of the qualities which make her voice one of the most sought after in this competitive market. An actor by training, Zikki also has the ability to embody different characters.

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      4.9(10 reviews)
      Vicky C. -
      "Highly professional, great voice, efficient turnaround. Recommended."
      Jason H. -
      "Well done! Thank you!"
      Jason H. -
      "Well done, thank you for your promptness!"
      Robin M. -
      Tess W. -