Vicki-Jo Eva, voice actor

Vicki-Jo Eva, voice actor

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      Hi, my name is Vicki-Jo and I am a trained actor and voice over professional from the UK. and I love recording voice-overs of all kinds - radio commercials, explainer videos, animations, character voices, e-learning programs, audio books, podcast intros... and anything else you need a British female voice over for.

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      4.8(57 reviews)
      VideoMonster -
      "Bellissima voce!"
      Olivia -
      "Perfect Delivery thanks Vicki!"
      JONATHAN B. -
      "That is just what we need! Thank you so much. Jonathan"
      Rami T. -
      "Fantastic work, fast and professional. Thank you"
      Olivia -
      "Great work and enthusiasm! Thank you"

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