Vicki-Jo Eva, voice actor

Vicki-Jo Eva, voice actor

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      Hi, my name is Vicki-Jo and I am a trained actor and voice over professional from the UK. and I love recording voice-overs of all kinds - radio commercials, explainer videos, animations, character voices, e-learning programs, audio books, podcast intros... and anything else you need a British female voice over for.

      Vicki-Jo Eva's reviews

      4.9(37 reviews)
      Olivia -
      "Great work and enthusiasm! Thank you"
      Clinton S. -
      "Outstanding in every respect. Fast turnaround. High quality VO. Appreciate the effort to produce second take based on feedback -- both were just amazing. This is our first time working with Bunny Studio and we're impressed. Thanks so much!"
      Pietro B. -
      "Excellent work as usual. Speed, quality and professionalism."
      George G. -
      "Thank you"
      Alejandro T. -
      "I'm very satisfied with the result. But the process of get Bunny Pro / Managers to have a look and take care of the result made everything so slow. I needed to wrote twice to the customer care in order to have a preview of the work. One of the strengths of this service is how fast are the voice actors in delivering the product. I can understand that this option in order to add value needs to take time to work properly, but this not explain the miscommunication I perceived during the process."

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