Seng You, Morris, voice actor

Seng You, Morris, voice actor

# 2T5MIQLOMulti-faceted voice over and actor talent, from local Singaporean-slang to American, British, Irish, and even Mandarin! Get in touch for a free sample read!
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      Hi there, nice to meet you! Let's cut to the chase and tell you that I've worked on several projects that even had the ears of HSBC Singapore and Salesforce in country-wide ads. "What?!", you say, "Where can I hear that?". Well, how about this : I've also worked on: - YouTube channels, narration - Live-streaming (i.e. Twitch) - Character Voices - and MANY MORE! I have my own recording studio so you can expect review copies to be available within 24 hours for feedback. By the way, great job in reading this far (the new generation has this terrible disease known as TL:DR syndrome) so let here's a little reward; you can ask me to provide a FREE reading sample of a script snippet of your choice to help with your decision process. I want to help YOU get the RIGHT VOICE for your project. Take care and I love to hear from you soon! - Morris Seng

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      4.8(7 reviews)
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