Zephyrus White, voice actor

Zephyrus White, voice actor

# 1RJ6ELKCredible, Trustworthy, Natural, Warm and Friendly
4.8(1130 reviews)
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      • Bunny Pro for 11 years

        Bunny Pro for 11 years

        Has fulfilled 5319 projects since 2012

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      I can provide your project with credible, trustworthy, natural, warm and friendly voice ideal for both commercial and narrative. If you’re looking for an air of authority, look no further, I can offer an extremely polished and professional voice, perfect for web video and corporate presentations, voicemail and on hold greetings.

      Zephyrus White's reviews

      4.8(1130 reviews)
      Sue T. -
      "Thanks for your patience and the quick turnaround on the edits!"
      Huy V. -
      "Fast turnaround"
      Juanita C. -
      "Thank you for your promptness, Zephyrus!"
      Vivek D. -
      "I truly appreciate the timeliness!"
      Marc F. -
      "Great backup delivery, thank you!"

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