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    It’s called boy voice, and it’s mostly upbeat and full of boundless energy. An endearing as well as enthusiastic make young voice actors might just be what you need to connect with your audience. It's all about emotional connection, and you can easily pull your audience in with a male child voice over. A young adult voice over can be endearing, naive, or even smooth and swaggy, it all depends on who your listeners are. A child is innocent in the way they view the world, and something about their sicerity tugs at the heartstings of listeners and pulls them right in. Films, commercials, promos, character animations, and video games all make use of young voice over to engage audiences of all ages and genders. It is a universal voice that can be used in both children and adult animation movies and series. A teenage voice over can inspire a sense of community, responsibility, and love. Having young actors in your project, therefore, is a great asset in commercial advertising because of the emotional appeal it holds over the listeners. There are several excellent reasons for needing a young voice over. Nothing is more effective when you’d like to address children or their parents. Besides, it’s cute! A little young male can add image of freshness, fun and innocence to your voice project. At Bunny Studio we have talented young voice actors from all over the world. Choose between 50+ languages and decide if you’d like to hear girls’ or boys’ voices. From toddlers to teenagers we’ve got fresh, clear boy voices that match your requirements. Each of our child actors is a little star in his own right. Find the voices you’re looking for by browsing our examples of children’s voices or post a casting call. No matter what your requirements are, Bunny Studio has the voice actors you need. We’ll translate your script into the languages of your choice and your professional recording arrives within as little as a few hours.