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Frequently asked questions
What’s a voice over and what can I expect?
A voice over is a production technique that involves inserting a voice actor’s voice over an audiovisual project. The goal is to help communicate the message of the content more effectively and increase engagement with its audience. They’re widely used in marketing, advertising, e-learning, video games, movies or TV shows.
What makes a good voice over and a good voice actor?
Voice over is all about communicating a particular mood, message or idea more effectively. So a good one will match the context and brand of the content with the correct enunciation, pacing, mood and voice. A good voice actor is first and foremost versatile, able to understand the requirements and adapt their delivery to your brief.
How do I hire the right voice actor?
Start by creating your account. You’ll then be able to browse and search through our directory of voices, explore your options and get inspired. Once you’ve found your perfect voice actor, click ‘Book Now’, you’ll then be prompted to share some details about your project. The more detail you can provide, the better the outcome tends to be. If you’re not 100% sure, you can choose ‘Contest’ to hear some options and choose your favourite. If on the other hand speed is the most important factor, choose the ‘Speedy’ option.
How much does a voice over cost and how long does it take?
A range of factors can influence the price of a given voice over–language, accent, age, gender, purpose (podcasts, commercials) and voice actor experience, script length and turnaround time, can all influence the overall cost. Experiment with our search to find the right combination and the solution that matches your requirements.