How American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) accelerated video editing by 88.5% with Bunny Studio

About American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS)

The American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) has championed distance learning since 1978. While only 10% of 3,000 US colleges planned to offer online educational courses in 2020, the foresighted ACHS has been accrediting students with fully online courses since 1998. Nurturing a sentiment of keen learning has always been a challenging hurdle for the college.

American College of Healthcare Sciences's project outcomes

When the pandemic disrupted ACHS's in-person graduation ceremony, Programs Director Kate Harmon sought Bunny Studio to help produce a commemorative yearbook video for their virtual event.

Bunny Studio delivered ACHS:

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    69-minute video editing project

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    100% ACHS-approved

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    76-hour turnaround

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    88.5% faster than industry turnaround

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    476+ viewers

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American College of Healthcare Sciences challenges

1. Tight budget for ACHS video project

ACHS often grappled with budget restrictions in order to make knowledge resources accessible to more students. With an upcoming graduation ceremony quickly approaching, the college faced the same monetary constraints in hiring a video editor for its yearbook video.

2. A poorly edited video tarnishes ACHS reputation

While hiring freelancers for the video project may affordable, unpredictability to deliver high quality work often poses as a risk. Statistics reveal that US students who rate their learning experience as “very dissatisfied” have increased from 3% to 13% when courses shift online. Due to this negative perception of distance learning, ACHS needed a graduation video that differentiates them from other remote institutes.

3. Inspirational videos take experience & time

ACHS wanted the video to cultivate a sense real-world community that bonds the staff, faculty, students, and graduates. But headhunting for an affordable video editor who has experience producing emotive videos takes time that the college does not have.

Kate Harmon
Kate Harmon
Programs Director at American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS)

The Bunny Studio solution

1. Flat rate makes video editing affordable for ACHS

ACHS received an upfront video editing quotation that was within ACHS budget. Bunny Studio's money-back guarantee and unlimited revision policies also secured the college's investment to ensure a successful video outcome.

2. No risks of unpredictable quality

Bunny Studio fully managed ACHS video project so the college did not have to allocate micromanagement resources to oversee the video's completion. The platform has a stringent Bunny Pro pre-vetting process that ensures ACHS's project is delivered by the world's top 4% of video producers. A streamlined in-house project review also guarantees that ACHS receives a graduation video that complies with all its instructions.

3. Crowd-pleaser video delivered in 76 hours

Typically, it takes a professional editor 50 working hours to deliver a 60-minute video. That adds up to approximately a week of turnaround time. Bunny Studio delivered 69 minutes of ACHS video in just 3 days -88.5% faster than average. This speed enabled ACHS to showcase the commemorative video on time to over 476 viewers.

Kate Harmon
Kate Harmon
Programs Director at American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS)

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