How Childhelp educated 200 children with Bunny Studio voice overs

About Childhelp

Childhelp has served more than 11 million children since 1959. It is the longest-standing, and largest non-profit organization in the United States dedicated to child abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment. The Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe program (CHSUBS) is a school-based child abuse education curriculum that currently serves about 140,000 students. But like most non-profits, funding was often a challenge for Childhelp.

Hear Bunny Studio's child-like voice over for Childhelp's online safety video course

Childhelp's project outcomes

When the pandemic kept families indoors and classrooms online, Childhelp's Program Manager Zuzana Urbanek, sought Bunny Studio's voice over services to speedily and affordably develop Childhelp's online safety video series.

Bunny Studio delivered Childhelp:

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    4 voice over projects

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    1,301 words narrated

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    200+ children trained with voice overs

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    83% faster than industry turnaround

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    0 paid revisions

Alaska Safety Alliance

Childhelp challenges

1. Budget is always a constraint

Childhelp's Speak Up Be Safe program does not receive government funding. Despite so, the non-profit continues to develop educational material for over children in 30 US states and 18 other nations. The lean team and its limited financial support always pose a challenge for the organization.

2. Developing educational courses takes time

Childhelp received recurring requests from parents and caregivers during the pandemic to educate kids about online safety. Childhelp needed to create the course content quickly to address the growing concern. However, making an impactful video requires studio audio recording, content creation, and post-production -all of which require time and specialized skills.

3. Headhunting children voice overs for different age groups is tough

Childhelp develops curriculum for grades PK–12 based on decades of classroom strategies, research, and efficacy evidence. But translating the topic of online dangers into an engaging, understandable, and relatable format for children is a challenge. Dependable and professional children voice artists are often hard to find.

Zuzana Urbanek
Zuzana Urbanek
Curriculum Program Manager at Childhelp

The Bunny Studio solution

1. Unlimited revisions at NGO rates

In 2021, Bunny Studio launched its NGO discount program to support the creative needs of global non-profit organizations like Childhelp. Additionally, the platform's affordable flat rate and money-back guarantee policy also put Childhelp's lean budget in good hands. Only 1 out of 4 voice over projects required a revision, which the platform delivered at no additional charge.

2. Fast turnaround means Childhelp's on-time launch

The typical turnaround time for a 70-word voice over is 1 to 2 days. Bunny Studio delivered a total of Bunny Studio's 1,301 words with a turnaround of 3 days. Childhelp also reported that the easy-to-use platform and responsive customer service had been monumental factors in ensuring the timely production of the series.

3. Easy-to-find voice artists freed up Childhelp's bandwidth

With Bunny Studio's powerful search filters and instant quotes, Childhelp quickly found and booked voice talents that met its age criteria. The Bunny Pros immediately got to work on recording engaging scripts in a childlike voice packed with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Zuzana Urbanek
Zuzana Urbanek
Curriculum Program Manager at Childhelp

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