Sonos Radio partners Bunny Studio to reduce NGO ad production costs by 60%

About Sonos Radio

Sonos Radio is the premiere radio experience, only on Sonos. Built for and inspired by Sonos customers, Sonos Radio represents the broadest selection of radio available around the world, bringing together more than 60,000 broadcast radio stations from long-time partners along with nearly 100 exclusive original stations from Sonos. Sonos Radio is an ad-supported streaming radio service that comes pre-loaded in the Sonos App, bringing all streaming radio into one place from the moment customers set-up.

Sonos Radio’s project outcomes

In 2021, Sonos Radio partnered with Bunny Studio with the goal of making content production accessible and amplifying the voices of organizations working to make the world a better place via its Social Impact program.

Bunny Studio has since delivered for Sonos Radio and its advertisers:

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    224 localized audio ad projects

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    50% faster project completions

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    16 non-profit projects

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    60% reduction in ad production costs for non-profit

Alaska Safety Alliance

Sonos Radio Social Impact challenges

1. Non-profits have limited resources for advertising

Research shows that 42% of non-profits struggle with producing engaging content due to budget constraints and lack of time and resources, which are the top hurdles for NGOs in audio ad production.

2. Editing ads cost advertisers time & money

The typical time it takes to produce a professional radio ad is about 1 to 2 days. This duration excludes back-and-forth communication and revision time. On top of that, most creative services also charge additional fees to make edits to project deliverables.

3. Headhunting multilingual voice artists takes effort

The goal is to deliver bespoke messaging that resonates with its listeners. The diverse range of audio ad brands Sonos serves requires market-specific copywriting and a plethora of voice artists with different vocal characteristics and languages. Finding suitable and reliable talents to deliver these projects is a time-consuming process.

Vincent Brock
Vincent Brock
Sonos Radio Social Impact Coordinator

The Bunny Studio solution

1. NGO discount makes audio production accessible

Sonos Radio’s partnership with Bunny Studio enabled its social impact partners to produce audio ads up to 60% less than the standard market rate of USD 300 to USD 2,000. This cost for a 30-second ad includes professional scriptwriting, voice artist recording, and post-production services. Coupled with Sonos Radio’s donated ad spaces, 16 non-profits have used Bunny Studio’s creative services to amplify their causes through Sonos Radio.

2. Quality checks prevent reworks

Sonos Radio easily tracks its projects and their revision progress through Bunny Studio’s dashboard. With 24/7 support, an average 12-hour turnaround time, a stringent quality control process, and unlimited revisions, Bunny Studio reduced delays in campaign launches caused by reworks and unresponsive freelancers. The platform also delivered 48% of Sonos Radio’s projects in less than 12 hours – this is 50% faster than the usual ad production time.

3. No more headhunting for multilingual talent

With Bunny Studio’s powerful search filters and the support of its creative specialists, Sonos Radio has access to over 5,000 voice artists who deliver in more than 100 languages and accents. The platform’s fully-managed projects help Sonos Radio create bespoke audio projects across 16 global markets at a quicker rate.

Vincent Brock
Vincent Brock
Sonos Radio Social Impact Coordinator

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