How affiliate Vyond monetized 84% more Bunny Studio projects

About Vyond

Vyond is a cloud-based animation tool that has empowered over 2,000 organizations from diverse industries to create dynamic and powerful media. Founded by GoAnimate and headquartered in Silicon Valley, its community users have created over 22 million videos to date. But embedding videos with studio-quality voice overs was a problem for most Vyond users, and this affects the video's overall outcome.

Here's how Vyond integrated Bunny Studio's voice over services into its UI

Vyond's affiliate partnership outcomes

In 2013, Vyond joined forces with Bunny Studio's affiliate program to provide voice overs for its clients. The partnership was reinforced with co-marketing initiatives, and the efforts enabled Vyond to increase its passive revenue through affiliate-driven commissions.

Bunny Studio delivered Vyond:

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    820 affiliate projects

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    84% boost in voice over projects

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    218% new voice over users

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    19.5% in affiliate web traffic

Alaska Safety Alliance

Vyond affiliate challenges

1. Vyond users lacked professional voice overs

The lack of professional-sounding voice recording impacted Vyond's video outcomes negatively. Recording voice overs with superior sound quality frequently was a hassle for users who do not have access or budget for a studio.

2. Teaching users the importance of voice takes time

Since many of Vyond’s clients are new to animation, most lacked the knowledge of creating effectively communicative videos. Many Vyond users did not know where or how to attain quality voice overs. The scarcity and questionable reliability of freelancer voice artists on the digital marketplace was a hurdle, and poor quality recordings affected Vyond's videos negatively.

3. Vyond's users unaware of Bunny Studio's voice over services

Despite offering Bunny Studio voice overs to complement its videos, Vyond grappled with directing traffic to use them. The platform lacked promotional content to steer users to Bunny Studio's affiliate link without disrupting Vyond's user interface. This means less profit for Vyond as an affiliate.

Kevin Doherty
Kevin Doherty
Marketing Communications Manager at Vyond

The Bunny Studio solution

1. Vyond users got access to 5,000+ voice artists

Vyond's partnership with Bunny Studio provides the Vyond Maker Community 24-hour access to over 5,000 voice artists in over 100 languages and accents. The added dimension of professional voice overs allows Vyond users to build personality-driven stories that engage audiences and deliver results.

2. New voice users raises 218% with co-education

To overcome the lack of awareness of voice over services on the platform, Vyond collaborated with Bunny Studio in creating content that helps clients navigate the voice over industry. Vyond also added a “Find a Voice Talent” component within its UI audio options. This convenient access allowed clients to directly order Bunny Studio’s voice overs when making a video on Vyond.

3. Co-marketing efforts boost Vyond's monetization

Bunny Studio assigned an affiliate growth coordinator for Vyond in 2021. The effort was to provide timely and responsive actions to Vyond at all times. The sturdy alliance increased Vyond’s total traffic by 19.5% in 2021. Additionally, for every client who uses the affiliate link to complete a Bunny Studio project, Vyond earns 50% of the project cost; the commission scheme covers up to USD 100 per project. In 2021, these co-marketing efforts led to an 84% increase in Vyond's new voice requests -a substantial passive revenue for Vyond.

Kevin Doherty
Kevin Doherty
Marketing Communications Manager at Vyond

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