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Scalable localization and accessiblity services

Scalable localization and accessiblity services

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Localize content on-demand

  • Save hours of coordination between translator and dubber
  • Flat rates for film and television productions
  • Stop delays caused by accuracy and quality

Globalize content with 100+ languages & accents

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  • Use allocated hours on 100+ services
  • Pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly
  • Designated operations coordinator
  • Cancel anytime, no extra cost


40 hours of creative work

USD 2,399/mo

USD 60 per hour


80 hours of creative work

Most popular

USD 4,499/mo

USD 56 per hour


160 hours of creative work

USD 8,199/mo

USD 51 per hour

Brands with real Bunny Studio stories

Daniel Garcia, Bunny Studio client

“The wide variety of voices and accents make a notable difference. My project is now one step higher than the others.”

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See how Bunny Studio accelerated training localization for an IT company

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See how a learning app scaled multi-lingual voice overs with Bunny Studio