How Bunny Studio accelerated training localization for an IT company

About our IT industry client

With decades of experience in using technology to solve real-world problems, our IT company has a presence in both the Americas and Europe. It specializes in technologies related to artificial intelligence and natural language processing, among a myriad of solutions. The company has recently been globalizing its reach to other continents. *For legal reasons, we cannot reveal the name of the client and will simply refer to it as “the company”.

Localization project outcomes

In 2020, the IT brand sought Bunny Studio’s collaboration in creating educative materials for its products.

We have since delivered the following:

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    50 completed voice over projects

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    3-hour average voice turnarounds

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    8 localized languages

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    6 services used

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    26,254 words produced

Alaska Safety Alliance

Content localization challenges

1. Transcription tools are inaccurate

Before dubbing or translating the training material's video content, the IT company had to first transcribe the speech into text using a software tool. This was an easy solution but often resulted in inaccurate outcomes. Going through the transcripts was a tedious process that took hours for the training production team.

2. Cumbersome coordination with different professionals

Since the goal was to localize video content, the IT company had to break down and outsource a complicated workflow that involved translators, video editors, post-production, and voice artist dubbers. Instructing and sharing the video content with freelancers at each individual stage took a massive amount of coordination time which wasn't practical for the in-house production team.

3. Translated sentence lengths caused delays

In order to localize the content, the transcribed text is then outsourced to a translation company that delivers content in the required output language. However, since the final localization required specialized voice dubbing skills, the length of translated sentences was sometimes too long and did not fit into the original videos. In such cases, the IT training production team had to send the written content back to translators to make adjustments. This delayed the productivity of the localization process.

The Bunny Studio solution

1. Accurate human-transcribed and translated content

In 2020, the IT company sought Bunny Studio as a solution to localizing its video content. With global translators in over 50 written languages, the platform works with pre-vetted and native transcribers and translators. In addition, every project undergoes a stringent quality control process carried out by Bunny Studio's in-house team. This ensures that all translations are accurate and true-to-original for the IT company.

2. Localization service reduces hours on headhunting

With over 100 services from one powerful platform, Bunny Studio saved the IT client hours of headhunting for reliable skills for various stages of its localization workflow. The platform also coordinates all projects to ensure their success so that clients do not have to spend in-house bandwidth on overseeing deadlines. Bunny Studio’s full-stack localization services cut down on the need for file sharing and instructions. In total, the all-in-one platform delivered 6 services for the client, including dubbing, translation, video editing, and more.

3. Tailored workflow and ready-to-use deliverables

Having Bunny Pros who owned expertise in dubbing, Bunny Studio was able to take care of the IT client's entire workflow at various stages, from translation to post-production. This ensures that the transcribed content is translated with dubbing sentence lengths in mind. With a 24/7 team and an account manager to oversee large-volume of projects, the IT company was able to accurately localize over 30 videos in less than 3 months. Dubbing languages included Arabic, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and more.

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