Sitar Cohen, voice actor

Sitar Cohen, voice actor

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      Hi, I'm Sitar. I'm a voiceover artist come registered nurse. You probably think it's a random combination. So, let me explain myself. I have worked as a nurse for over 15 years all over Australia. People have often commented on my ability to understand them and the depth, calming effect, and uniqueness of my voice throughout my life. At first, it was odd, as I thought I sounded like every other Australian male. But, after hearing it so often, I thought there must be something there? So, I explored a few options to see how my voice could help others. After doing some research and drawing on my knowledge of recording audio, I decided to try voice recordings. I worked with many clients to bring their stories and scripts to life through audio, and I found I loved doing it and was getting great feedback. I've found the combination of a warm and authentic Australian voice - allows me to deliver calm, clear, and compelling recordings. I pride myself on producing high-quality voiceovers, with the client's needs at the forefront of my work. I'm more than happy to help if you're interested in an Australian voice-over for an upcoming project.

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