How ASA used Bunny Studio voice overs to train 5,280 employees

About Alaska Safety Alliance (ASA)

Alaska Safety Alliance (ASA) has been training employees of high-hazard industries on safety since 1999. As a lean team serving many, the non-profit safety council faced many challenges in outsourcing its audio production. This included delayed deadlines and frequently mispronounced crackjaw words.

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Alaska Safety Alliance project outcomes

In 2020, ASA Programs Director, KJ Crawford, sought BunnyStudio as a solution to overcome these obstacles.

Bunny Studio has since delivered ASA:

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    19 voice over projects

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    100% completed & ASA-approved

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    5,280 trained with voice overs

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    2x speed in audio production

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    61.5% revisions with no additional costs

Alaska Safety Alliance

Alaska Safety Alliance challenges

1. Finding professional voice artists took time

Alaska Safety Alliance (ASA) uses computer-based training to ensure that the oil and gas, construction, mining, and maritime workforce is adequately trained to work safely in Alaska's unique and perilous environment. However, the non-profit often struggled with manpower limitations. Delivering professional, engaging, and intelligible courses tailored to specialized workforce takes time, and working with freelancers often resulted in uncertain outcomes along with hours of headhunting and coordination.

2. Accurate industry-related pronunciation was impossible

Alaska has many native locations and terminologies that are challenging to pronounce. Such words include Kuparuk, Badami, Prudhoe, Tyonek, Beaufort, and Oooguruk. Because of that, ASA often received mispronounced voice over deliverables when outsourcing their content to voice artists.

3. Freelancer time differences caused delays

With its small operational team and little resources, ASA found itself working with an array of different freelancing content producers, often in varying locations and time zones. Scheduling deadlines and collaborating synchronously was often a challenge, and they delayed the completion of training content.

KJ Crawford
KJ Crawford
Programs Director at Alaska Safety Alliance (ASA)

The Bunny Studio solution

1. The platform makes accurate pronunciations easy

With a quick drag and drop function on Bunny Studio’s user interface, ASA effortlessly uploaded audio recordings for specific difficult-to-pronounce words. This straightforward solution ensured that Bunny Pros could deliver accurate voice overs for ASA without delays caused by reworks or miscommunication.

2. ASA found industry-specific voice artists, fast

With Bunny Studio's 24/7 support team and powerful search filters, ASA found a Bunny Pro with a health and safety training background. This reduced the need for ASA to provide specific instructions for delivering complex Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) terminologies.

3. No more tiresome coordination with freelancers

Bunny Studio is the world's only creative fulfillment platform that provides fully-managed creative services that includes freelancer communication on behalf of clients. Its in-house quality control measures, money-back guarantee, and unlimited revisions reduced ASA's costs and risk of deadline delays. The platform delivered 19 successful voice over projects with an approval rate of 100% by ASA -all of which have been used to achieve 5,280 employee module completions.

KJ Crawford
KJ Crawford
Programs Director at Alaska Safety Alliance (ASA)

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