How stayinart used Bunny Studio to produce a podcast with 3,600+ listeners

About stayinart

The stayinart magazine has 1,600 subscribers and a readership of 10,000 print copies circulating in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. In 2020, stayinart magazine editors Magdalena Froner and Hugo Astner launched an experiential audio art magazine in the format of a German podcast series named “stayinart- the art magazine to listen to” (stayinart podcast | Das Kunstmagazin zum Hören)

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stayinart's project outcomes

The global pandemic caused art museums visitors to drop by 77%. stayinart editors Magdalena Froner and Hugo Astner sought Bunny Studio German-language podcast services to create an audio experience for readers.

Bunny Studio delivered stayinart:

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    22 podcast project episodes

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    408 produced minutes

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    24-hour average post-production time

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    87% below podcast industry cost

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    3,600+ listeners

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stayinart magazine challenges

1. Podcast budget constraints limits choices

Rather than making the podcast a new source of income for stayinart, the podcast would be an add-on audio experience for subscribers. stayinart aimed to distribute the podcast at no cost, so the magazine had to produce it within a relatively tight budget.

2. Timely podcasts launches requires commitment

stayinart's goal was to make the podcast accessible for every print issue. Readers of the magazine can experience an alternative medium using a QR code that leads straight to the podcast. The magazine's editors recognized that the consistency in quality along with reliability were key factors that made outsourcing the magazine's podcast sustainable, but working with freelancers wasn't always a trustworthy solution.

3. Finding experienced voice artist & audio editor is tedious

Because experience orientation is central to the magazine, its new podcast needed a voice artist who can naturally convey this technical content. The talent should be well-versed in creating an emotionally rich experience for listeners. But finding a podcast-experienced voice artist plus a post-production sound engineer takes effort and time.

Magdalena Froner & Hugo Astner
Magdalena Froner & Hugo Astner
Editors at stayinart magazine

The Bunny Studio solution

1. Podcasts 87% below market price

Podcast agencies typically charge USD 1,00 to USD 15,000 per episode. The price includes content, post-production, voice recording, and where necessary, interviews. With Bunny Studio, stayinart was able to produce podcasts at an average of USD 135 per episode -87% lower than the industry rate. The flat rate included everything except for the content script which stayinart already had.

2. No missed stayinart launch dates

The flat rate stayinart paid includes fully-managed projects, unlimited revisions, and a money-back guarantee. Besides pre-vetting Bunny Pro freelancers, Bunny Studio reviews each stayinart episode for sound quality, balance, and delivery. This process prevented reworks and unnecessary delays that hindered stayinart's podcast launch.

3. No more tiresome headhunting

To create stayinart's podcast, Bunny Studio recorded, mixed, edited, and delivered the final podcast along with embedded intro and outro audio. Supported with a 24/7 team, stayinart easily hired full-stack podcast services and tracked all podcast projects from one dashboard. This frees up the team's headhunting time to focus on crafting reader content.

Magdalena Froner & Hugo Astner
Magdalena Froner & Hugo Astner
Editors at stayinart magazine

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