How International Scripture Ministries (ISM) accelerated scriptwriting by 10x with Bunny Studio

About International Scripture Ministries (ISM)

International Scripture Ministries (ISM) is an organization that built the world's largest digital Bible platform. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, ISM's works remotely to translate scriptures to over 1,800 languages that reach over 240 countries.

International Scripture Ministries's project outcomes

In 2019, ISM's president Troy Carl sought an affordable, fast, and scalable scriptwriting solution that can help accelerate large volume of scriptwriting for ISM's “Thru the Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGee” project.

Bunny Studio delivered ISM:

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    1,288 script projects

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    100% projects ISM-approved

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    90 days turnaround

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    10x faster than ISM's in-house capabilities

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    1+ billion reach worldwide

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International Scripture Ministries's challenges

1. Finding writers for huge volume work is tedious

ISM's Audio Bible Network teaches the word in 1,800 languages on various devices. But with nearly 800 thousand words, the sheer volume of creating mistake-free scripts is an uphill task that requires commitment and time. For starters, ISM had to source for a team of reliable, affordable, and experienced writers.

2. Overseeing scripts takes manpower

ISM's “Thru the Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGee” project covers Bible content cover to cover, from Genesis to Revelations. Scriptwriting aside, it takes ISM massive bandwidth and resources to produce this in-house. Add to that the coordination of timelines and tracking revisions, and working with freelancers becomes a counterproductive option.

3. Tailoring content requires writing experience

To appeal to a younger audience, ISM needed adept writers to summarize content into scripts that tailored to modern-day context applications where possible. The project also required standardization of inconsistent scripts to the NKJ version of bible quotes.

Troy Carl
Troy Carl
President at International Scripture Ministries

The Bunny Studio solution

1. ISM scaled scriptwriting affordably

Bunny Studio assigned a team of specially-selected and pre-vetted writers to tackle ISM's project. With on-demand scalability, the platform's easy drag-and-drop file uploads, and round-the-clock writers, ISM received 1,288 professionally written and proofread scripts in 90 days, a task that would otherwise take ISM a year to complete with its in-house capabilities.

2. Dedicated project manager freed ISM's bandwidth

A dedicated project manager freed ISM's bandwidth ISM's Special Operations project manager oversaw all the scripts' deadlines, revisions, and delivery. ISM could also easily access other services such as voice overs, transcription, and translation through a dashboard. Without micromanaging writers, headhunt talent, and coordinating the scriptwriting progress, the organization now had more time to focus on its core mission to serve the global church.

3. Quality reviews prevent reworks & delays

Bunny Studio reduced delays caused by grammatical mistakes with quality control reviews. Each script is stringently checked for grammatical errors and ensured that the tone and requirements follow ISMs requirements.

Troy Carl
Troy Carl
President at International Scripture Ministries

About Bunny Studio

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