How MiQ delivered custom audio ads for over 90 advertisers in 17 languages and accents using Bunny Studio’s content creation services

About MiQ

As streamed audio increases in popularity, opportunities for audio advertising are also growing with advertisers able to target audiences based on listening interests. Global programmatic media partner to brands and agencies, MiQ, experienced 44% year-on-year growth in audio advertising campaigns between 2021 and 2022. With advertisers running successful audio campaigns with MiQ, demand for audio ads increased amongst both new and existing clients. Always focused on maximizing outcomes for its clients, MiQ looked to scale its audio capability with the support of a content creation partner. Partnering with Bunny Studio has also enabled MiQ’s dedicated content creation team to offer audio ad services to clients who lack their own production capabilities.

MiQ project outcomes

To date, MiQ has used its partnership with Bunny Studio to deliver custom audio for over 90 advertisers across different channels, formats and platforms in localized languages and accents.

Bunny Studio has delivered for MIQ

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    452 completed audio ad projects

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    6 creative services

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    201 audio ads produced

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    15 hour average turnaround time

Alaska Safety Alliance

MiQ's challenges

Scaling localized talent was challenging

With clients from different markets and demographics, MiQ runs digital advertising campaigns to audiences around the world. To respond to growing demand for audio campaigns, and with a continued interest in maximizing audience reach and improving ad effectiveness, MiQ needed agile support for custom display, video and audio content in localized languages and accents. From delivering original and impactful creative for clients, MiQ’s experienced creative solutions team knew that only a platform with plenty of options and variety would work as clients often sought out very particular voices.

Content creation speed is vital to performance

Real-time agility is key to capitalizing on impressions and conversions when ad buying, so MiQ needed content creation to be fast and dependable. Agility was also important as MiQ offers advertisers access to diverse inventory through its agnostic partnerships, so content needed to be made suitable for different channels, formats and platforms.

Team collaboration with outsourcing can be a challenge

Another concern was coordination. MiQ’s campaigns often involve the collaborative efforts of several teams and regions - the company has 19 offices on 4 continents - so outsourcing to different content providers in each region proved demanding in terms of communication and tracking expenditure. Finding the right providers for outsourcing was also too slow a process for the quick turnarounds that MiQ offers its clients. It could also easily lead to a pile up in revision fees considering the number of MiQ’s clients interested in audio ads. Instead, MiQ needed a competitive and scalable creative partner that could quickly and reliably deliver campaign content. At this point MiQ turned to Bunny Studio.

Charlotte Price
Charlotte Price
Senior Product Manager, Creative Solutions, MiQ

The Bunny Studio solution

All-in-one platform saves headhunting time

MiQ first used Bunny Studio’s global platform - which has over 13,000 talents in more than 100 languages and accents - to simplify the process of finding talent. Using this pool of readily available, pre-vetted talent, MiQ’s in-house creative solutions team worked with clients to deliver over 452 audio ads in 2 years. As the platform is self-serve, MiQ’s clients can scour for their own choices which allows for strong client-partner creative collaboration. MiQ also accesses multimedia services through Bunny Studio’s platform, including dubbing, video ads and post-production, which they are able to purchase ad-hoc. The data-driven approach that MiQ takes means campaigns are constantly being optimized based on new data. As targeting optimizations can include changes to creative, buying projects according to workflow allows MiQ increased agility and better cost efficiency.

15-hour turnarounds for cost-effective and timely campaign delivery

To further support smarter spending of clients’ budgets, MiQ buys on-demand audio ad services from Bunny Studio at flat rates. These services include quality checks to prevent delays caused by unfollowed project instructions, as well as a money-back guarantee. Bunny Studio also covers revision requests that were aligned with initial project briefs in the cost, enabling MiQ to deliver creative outputs of a high standard for clients without risking overspend. Within Bunny Studio’s platform is also a patented Speedy technology that matches clients to suitable and available Bunny Pros, who then deliver projects within a short time frame. Speedy technology enabled MiQ to deliver on quick campaign turnaround times and optimize ads based on new data - projects had an average turnaround time of 15 hours with Bunny Studios.

Collaboration made easy with Bunny Studio Workspaces

MiQ was added to Bunny Studio Workspaces, a feature allowing team members to approve or request revisions, make payments or change projects. With MiQ’s campaigns often requiring multi-office collaboration, this gave key stakeholders a manageable chain of command with fewer dependencies and made it easier to organize, manage and oversee budgets and projects.

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