How Bunny Studio produced 1,277 blog posts in a year

About Bunny Studio blog

Bunny Studio is the world’s only provider of over 100 end-to-end creative services. In 2021, the platform’s marketing team ramped up its blog publications to provide a knowledge base for Bunny Pro freelancers and global content creators. Aside from boosting SEO, the blog educates readers with well-researched insights, technical guides, and real-time trends in the creative industry.

Blog project outcomes

In 2021, Bunny Studio started working with a team of Bunny Pro writers and designers to produce blog content in large volumes.

In a year, the blog published:

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    1,277 written SEO articles

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    315 images per month

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    11x faster turnarounds than industry average

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    30% reduction in content production costs

Alaska Safety Alliance

Blog content production challenges

1. Finding reliable skills is time-consuming

The marketing department set out to publish 90 articles per month, which required more than one writer. However, headhunting for qualified writers and designers required time and project coordination. This effort stretched in-house bandwidth and put deadlines at risk.

2. SEO writing requires experience

Optimizing written blog posts for search engines requires technical knowledge. Keyword stuffing is counterproductive and can harm the blog’s ranking. Using irrelevant keywords out of context also affects the reader’s experience.

3. Massive production lowers writing quality

As most writers are paid by the word, creating large volumes of content often results in fluff articles to meet word count and deadlines. These low-quality outcomes are poorly researched and do not contain valuable content.

Flor Zaccagnino
Flor Zaccagnino
Content Marketing Lead at Bunny Studio

The Bunny Studio solution

1. Average 3-hour turnaround meets deadlines

The freelancing industry typically takes 3 days and $250 to produce a 2,000-word article. But as an all-in-one creative provider with over 100 services, Bunny Studio cut down hours on headhunting and turnaround time. The platform assembled a tailored group of 20 writers and designers to kickstart production. All Bunny Pros worked together at the same time to yield 105 blog posts per month at a 30% lower cost than the industry average.

2. Niche writers who follow best SEO practices

In coordination with Bunny Studio’s special operations department, the marketing team quickly identified Bunny Pro writers proficient in SEO article writing. Bunny Pros were also provided with content guidelines aligned with Yoast’s plugin and Wordpress’s readability tool. The guidelines align the tone, language, and keyword usage across all written content to apply brand consistency.

3. Quality reviews stop delays

Bunny Studio’s stringent pre-vetting system ensures that only the top 4% of applicants qualify to become a Bunny Pro. In addition, the content production team also had designated quality control agents who checked every written article and graphic image to ensure that deliverables were aligned with the topic. This put an end to grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors that require revisions and cause missed deadlines.

Flor Zaccagnino
Flor Zaccagnino
Content Marketing Lead at Bunny Studio

About Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio is the world's only project fulfillment platform that provides over 50 end-to-end creative services. Powered by technology and run by humans, it works with the top 4% of global professionals to deliver voice overs, writing, video, design services, and more, in over 100 languages. With an extensive database of over 13,000 pre-vetted professionals, Bunny Studio backs its risk-free policy with 24/7 support and lightning turnaround times.

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