How STAR Autism Support produces 14 educative animated videos with Bunny Studio

About STAR Autism Support (SAS)

STAR Autism Support provides curriculum materials, workshops, and training to school and agency staff working with students with autism. Its mission is to help others successfully implement research-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques. STAR Autism Support is committed to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The organization wants every child with autism to receive effective instruction. Since its inception in the early 2000s, SAS has worked with over 2,500 school districts and over 25,000 educators across the United States and throughout the world.

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STAR Autism Support project outcomes

STAR Autism Support first began by outsourcing voice overs, and later sought Bunny Studio's services in creating animated videos. Bunny Studio has since delivered the following:

Bunny Studio has delivered for STAR Autism Support:

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    14 animation projects

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    21 minutes of produced video

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    3 services rendered

Alaska Safety Alliance

STAR Autism Support's challenges

Lack of in-house animators

STAR Autism Support has been a leader in autism teaching strategies, particularly in building capacity for districts, regional programs, and states of all sizes to effectively serve students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities. Recently, the organization sought to create 14 animated song videos for its curriculum.

Talent coordination between deliverables takes time

As part of SAS's use of evidence-based practices to make positive educational outcomes accessible to all students and educators, the organization had guidelines to make the videos more effective and engaging. Quality plays an essential role in the organization's outsourcing effort. However, finding reliable animators and coordinating between them to get a final deliverable took time and effort.

Revisions can add to costs

As it was STAR Autism Support's first experience creating animated videos, adjustment to the workflow and deliverables was unavoidable. Requesting back-and-forth revisions required bandwidth and resources.

Sheila Magee, M.S.
Sheila Magee, M.S.
Programs Coordinator at STAR Autism Support

The Bunny Studio solution

Voice overs and animators from one platform

In 2021, Bunny Studio expanded its catalog of services from voice overs, to over 100 creative services. The new services adopted the same project fulfillment model, including quality control, skill hunting, and total project coordination. This enabled STAR Autism Support to outsource all formats of its educational material production from one provider. The centralized solution also simplified expenditure tracking and allowed SAS to speed up content production without hiring a full-time animator.

Responsive coordinator cuts down delays

STAR Autism Support was assigned a project coordinator to oversee the entire process, including managing deadlines, ensuring instructions were met, and coordinating revision requests. The real-time communication channel unblocked delays caused by back-and-forth collaboration and quality issues that did not comply with SAS guidelines. In total, it took Bunny Studio about 7 weeks to complete 14 ready-to-use video animations for SAS.

Covered revisions saved costs

Bunny Studio's unlimited revision policy enabled STAR Autism Support to make multiple changes to the project until it got exactly what it was looking for. The unlimited revisions, the money-back guarantee, and quality control measures made expenditure predictable for SAS and prevented overspending.

Sheila Magee, M.S.
Sheila Magee, M.S.
M.S., Programs Coordinator at STAR Autism Support

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