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To fulfill the growing demand of video across all 50 states, Lightswitch outsources to Bunny Studio

Other voiceover platforms have more requirements and hoops to jump through. With Bunny Studio, we can typically get an affordable, high-quality recording in 24 hours or less. This is crucial for meeting our client's demanding deadlines. The platform also allows us to share multiple voice artist options with our clients easily, so they can handpick the perfect voice to represent their brand. Our clients are always pleasantly surprised at how quickly we can get quality voice overs recorded

Lynette Schwanger
CEO and Founder of Lightswitch Video

A video production company with the ability to film any type of professional content across the United States

Job to be done

Supplying high quality and affordable voice overs with full ownership rights


Async and smooth process that accelerates Lightswitch's production pipeline

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To create vivid eLearning experiences that can also scale, Attensi trusts Bunny Studio

We like Bunny Studio’s fast delivery and the fact that their team understands our products. Bunny Studio’s project managers are also very responsive and work closely with us through our production process. We are very happy about the services we have engaged with Bunny Studio today.

Tonje Fusdahl
Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Attensi

A one-step-ahead company in the gamified simulation training field, ready to scale to new languages and industries

Job to be done

Providing high quality, diverse and affordable voice overs in more than 50 languages that help personalize Attensi's vivid courses


Engaging and fun learning experiences that meet Attensi's client's tight timeframes

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