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Some of the services Bunny Studio provides for this podcast:

  • Video and audio podcast editing
  • Social media content
  • And even web design!

Sound design for Lenovo

  • 36 hs turnaround time
  • USD 58 per minute of finished audio

Jingles and musical intros for your show!

Singers and vocalists

Starting at$200

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Starting at$200

Get a demo

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Offer ad creation services to users on your platform. Seamlessly connect our voice overs and audio ad production through our Widget or API integrations, and set your own profit margins.

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Magdalena Froner and Hugo Astner, Bunny Studio clients

“We were very much aware that the podcast production project required perseverance, consistent quality, and sustainability. Bunny Studio is that solution.”

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See how Sonos Radio partnered Bunny Studio to reduce NGO ad production costs by 60%

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Discover how stayinart used Bunny Studio to produce a podcast with 3,600+ listeners