How Bunny Studio Subscription accelerated video editing for a food industry brand

About the food and beverage brand

A Fortune 500 company, our food and beverage client is one of the largest food and beverage companies worldwide, with a presence in over 200 countries. Carrying over 500 brands, the company has prolific production teams that tackle all content creation formats across the globe. *For legal reasons, we cannot reveal the name of the client and will simply refer to it as “the company”.

Video project outcomes

In 2022, the food and beverage brand used Bunny Studio Subscription to tackle tedious tasks in its video production process.

Bunny studio delivered the company:

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    14 hours footage

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    2 days turnaround

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    100% approved video projects

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    0 revisions needed

Alaska Safety Alliance

Video editing challenges

1. Impractical headcount during slow seasons

Although the food and beverage company has in-house capabilities to produce video content, the company’s campaigns are seasonal. Hiring permanent headcounts with specialized creative skills was not always a practical and economical solution.

2. Project coordination wastes resources

Working with freelancers can free up the production team’s bandwidth. However, it was counterproductive and time-consuming due to the surmountable project coordination. Tracking multiple ongoing projects, sharing files, paying invoices, and coordinating the availability of freelancers to meet deadlines took heaps of resources. Moreover, sourcing reliable video editors was a laborious and prolonged process.

3. Tedious tasks slow productivity

A considerable part of the video production process was post-production video editing. This involved organizing a massive number of brand assets was a repetitive chore that bogged down the entire content production workflow. Logging files in systematic folders was a mundane task that requires attention to detail.

The Bunny Studio solution

1. All-in-one plan reduces manpower costs

The food and beverage brand used Bunny Studio Subscription as an elastic solution to tackle seasonal needs and skills shortages. The versatile hour-based plan covers over 100 creative services, including video post-production, animation, and visual effects. During the low campaign production season, the production team had the opinion to scale down their plan or use creative hours to tackle multi-format tasks such as writing, audio production, translation, design, and more.

2. Designated project coordinator saves hours

As part of the subscription plan, the company’s production team was assigned a designated project coordinator to oversee the entire process. This includes assembling a team of available pre-vetted video editors, briefing them on requirements, and ensuring that projects were delivered on time. All deliverables were also reviewed by a quality control agent to prevent missed deadlines. In addition, the periodic monthly subscription payment also eliminated paperwork and budget tracking for the production team.

3. Simultaneous projects speed up workflows

With Bunny Studio Subscription, the production team ran multiple projects at the same time. The team of Bunny Pro video editors worked side by side to deliver a total of 14 hours of logged footage. This shortened the overall turnaround time for the video editing process.

About Bunny Studio

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