Attensi uses Bunny Studio voice overs for gamified simulation training in over 150 countries

About Attensi

Attensi is the world's leading provider of high-impact gamified training – the most effective way to upskill your people with significant improvements in your KPIs. Attensi's simulations engage staff with immersive 3D training, powered by the best insights from human psychology, learning, and gaming. To date, our true-to-life scenario-based solutions are enjoyed in over 150 countries and 54 languages.

Attensi's project outcomes

Bunny Studio has given voice to Attensi's 3D simulations for over four years. In 2022, the creative powerhouse officially partnered with Attensi, the world's leading gamified training company, to further expand its reach into the corporate training sector.

Bunny Studio has delivered for Attensi and its clients:

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    1,259 voice over projects

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    50+ recorded languages

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    30% faster turnarounds than industry average

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    150+ countries' training reach

Alaska Safety Alliance

Attensi's challenges

1. Freelancers' reliability is unpredictable

As a global leader in delivering simulations, Attensi aims to turn around projects within 6-8 weeks for clients in various industries. The entire process includes merging content development, gamification, and voice overs. Receiving voice over and revisions with speed and accuracy is key in helping Attensi meet its turnaround times.

2. Sourcing diverse voice artists take time

Attensi provides gamified solutions for industries across the globe, including hospitality and leisure, finance, retail, and professional services. Meeting the needs of a diverse set of industries requires access to an extensive range of reliable voice artists who will resonate with all their clients.

3. Vetting quality of dialog delivery is tedious

When users play Attensi's true-to-life gamified simulated scenarios, they should feel like they've stepped into an actual work situation, such as a difficult conversation with a colleague. If Attensi fails to get this right, users are less likely to be motivated not just to complete their training but to repeat it again and again.

Phoebe Smith
Phoebe Smith
Director of Customer Simulations at Attensi

The Bunny Studio solution

1. Average 14.5-hour turnaround meets deadlines

Bunny Studio meets Attensi's requirement for delivering voice overs with speed and accuracy. This turnaround speed is ideal for Attensi's short lead times. Plus, with edits delivered in just 24 hours, Attensi can refine content until it's pitch-perfect.

2. Access to 5,000+ voice artists

Bunny Studio's voice artist network not only provides the language skills but also hits the mark in understanding cultural and business nuances. For Attensi, it's part of its unrivaled bespoke package that keeps clients – from over 150 countries – enjoying increases in engagement, revenue, and retention.

3. Projects meet Attensi's quality standards

To resonate with users, voice overs must be on point. Bunny's quality assurance process ensures that their voice-overs exceed client expectations within the project deadline. The platform's in-house quality team checks every project to ensure there are no distortions, echoes, breath noises, and plosives and that the tone meets the project's requirements. The proof that Bunny Studio's voice overs work is in the playthroughs: Attensi sees clients repeat their training not once, not twice, but over 6 times.

Felix Doepke
Felix Doepke
Country lead DACH and Director of Customer Simulations at Attensi

About Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio is the world's only project fulfillment platform that provides over 50 end-to-end creative services. Powered by technology and run by humans, it works with the top 4% of global professionals to deliver voice overs, writing, video, design services, and more, in over 100 languages. With an extensive database of over 13,000 pre-vetted professionals, Bunny Studio backs its risk-free policy with 24/7 support and lightning turnaround times.

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