How an ad tech platform used Bunny Studio's scalable API solution to deliver 99% of audio ads in 48 hours

About the ad tech platform

With its parent company owning a presence in nearly 40 countries, our self-serve digital ad platform client connects the advertising community to some of the most prominent streaming and broadcasting groups worldwide. As a rapidly growing ad provider with over 100 million users, the company was looking to become a comprehensive ad solution that enables user brands to create, launch, and track all from one place. As a result, they needed a streamlined and efficient way to produce tailored and resonating ad content for its users with minimal effort. *For legal reasons, we cannot reveal the name of the client and will simply refer to it as “the company”.

Ad production project outcomes

In 2020, the ad solutions partnered Bunny Studio to deliver audio ads to its advertisers via scalable API integration.

We have since delivered the following:

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    6,721 audio ads completed

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    62 produced hours

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    13 languages and accents

  • Alaska Safety Alliance
    99% turnarounds within 48 hours

Alaska Safety Alliance

Ad production challenges

Retaining users require speed and quality

Speed is imperative in the fast-paced digital advertising industry. Our ad tech client recognized that advertisers who publish relatable campaign content in real-time get higher conversions. However, managing the production of tailored content for users requires a lot of product research. This overall audio ad production process requires time and effort.

Simplifying production process for users was hard

As a technology-driven ad solution, our ad platform client’s goal was to make content production straightforward for its users. Creating a self-serve user-friendly interface that enables white-labeled audio ads production was challenging, as the production process often required back-and-forth coordination. As such, working with freelancers was a counterproductive solution, given that the brand had to allocate in-house bandwidth to organize deliverables between copywriters, voice artists, and audio post-producers.

Scaling production with creative agencies is impossible

In 2020, our client experienced a 14% surge in demand for audio ad production services. With thousands of requests from ad users from different markets and industries, the audio ad company needed an easily and rapidly expandable solution to streamline white-labeled ad production. Working with creative agencies was not feasible, and made production more costly due to the volume and need for a diverse array of voice artists.

The Bunny Studio solution

Fully-fledged audio ad in 48 hours, no coordination

With a global database of over 5,000 voice artists, Bunny Studio provides a diverse array of tailored vocal profiles to meet every target demographic. In addition, the all-in-one audio ad solution takes care of the company’s audio ad production from scriptwriting to post-production. Its patented Speedy technology and quality control measures deliver ready-to-air, full-buyouts-included audio ads without delay. With Bunny Studio’s content creation solution, the ad tech company delivered 99% of its audio ads to advertisers in less than 48 hours, and 30% in 12 hours.

API integrates seamlessly on platform

Bunny Studio designed a customized Application Programming Interface (API) to power audio ad production on the client's self-serve platform. This fully-supported white-labeled setup blends seamlessly with the client's brand guidelines. It allowed the users to post-production projects, get status updates, and approve audio ad deliverables without leaving the platform's interface. The global client used this streamlined, time-saving process to produce audio ads in over 13 languages and accents, including Latin American Spanish, North American English, African American English, French, and more.

Tailored profit margins and workflow

As a B2B provider, the ad tech brand needed a sustainable solution that fits into its prices. Bunny Studio’s customizable and flat-rated API solution allows the client to set their own audio ad production price to ensure profit. In addition, the client worked with a designated account manager and a 24/7 support team to ensure that all projects met the users’ expected deadlines and requirements. Where needed, users could also easily request add-on voice over recordings or mixing and mastering services to suit their content production needs.

About Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio is the world's only project fulfillment platform that provides over 50 end-to-end creative services. Powered by technology and run by humans, it works with the top 4% of global professionals to deliver voice overs, writing, video, design services, and more, in over 100 languages. With an extensive database of over 13,000 pre-vetted professionals, Bunny Studio backs its risk-free policy with 24/7 support and lightning turnaround times.

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